Journalism and Criticism

I'm a full-time writer for The Dallas Morning News and its online entertainment vertical, GuideLive. I primarily cover geeky things like video games, comic book movies, Star Wars, pinball festivals and more. Before I got too busy with my full-time job, I was a freelancer for places like GameSpot, GamesRadar, GameChurch (can you tell I wrote primarily about games?) and Joystiq.

I often write opinion columns about various pop culture topics. Sometimes this crosses paths with religion, like the time I suggested that maybe we Christians should stop freaking out about the fact that Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast has a gay character in it.

One time I suggested that brunch is dumb (it is), which drew some ire online.

My movie reviews are listed on Rotten Tomatoes.



I am an entertainment editor at The Dallas Morning News, where I help run GuideLive.com and work with an award-winning team of writers and producers. I work with both in-house writers and a stable of freelancers to help make GuideLive the best entertainment website in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


My short story "Time Shop" was published in the Harbinger literary journal in 2010.

I have dabbled (mostly for student projects) in various levels of writing short films, web series, video games and comics. I would like to dabble in those areas again, someday.

Panels and Interviews

I have moderated several celebrity Q&As for Fan Expo Dallas and have spoken at various events about journalism and writing. I have also been both interviewer and interviewee for videos, podcasts and stories.

With David Ramsey ("Arrow") at Dallas Fan Days (Presented by Fan Expo Dallas) 2016.

With David Ramsey ("Arrow") at Dallas Fan Days (Presented by Fan Expo Dallas) 2016.